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Blue Planet Registered Agent Signup

This page is for corporations that have already paid for Blue Planet Offices, Inc. to serve as your registered agent in Florida.

Thank You for Using Blue Planet as Your Registered Agent.

If you are changing registered agents at the same time you file your annual report online, you can add us as your registered agent at that time. We authorize you to do so.

If you are a new corporation or you are changing your registered agent at some other time, you usually need to file a signed form with the Florida Secretary of State. You can mail us the form and should include a stamped envelope or UPS/FedEx label for its return. In the alternative, we can send it directly to the Florida Secretary of State. Let us know.

Or in the alternative, you can scan the completed form and email it to us. We will print it, sign it and scan it back to you. We can also mail it to the Secretary of State for you. You can also fax it but the quality will not be very good and we do not recommend that. Please call or email us for our fax number. (If we place it on the site it will get harvested and spammed badly.)

In the alternative, we can email you a signature file that you can copy and paste into your filing document. Please email us and ask for the signature file. Finally, email us with your full contact information including company name, personal name, home and business addresses, telephone numbers and email address. We must have an address to forward any materials we receive to you. If we are served with any papers on your behalf, we will immediately email you the available information and then mail you the papers.

If we are served with civil actions more than twice per year, you will be required to make a deposit to cover further postage and handling.

The address at Key Plaza is a mailing address only. The physical street address you will use is:

Blue Planet Offices, Inc.
C23 9th Avenue
Key West, FL 33040

Corporations can have individuals or another corporation as the registered agent. For corporations, your registered agent is Blue Planet Offices, Inc. If you are an LLC, an individual is usually required, and you should list Blue Planet's president, Dan F. Schramm, as your registered agent.

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Write us at (Mailing Address):

Blue Planet Offices, Inc.
1107 Key Plaza, 306
Key West, FL 33040-4077

Dan F. Schramm, President (mobile) 305-394-3439
Toll Free 1-800-518-1206

Office VOIP: 305-897-2593

Email us at:


Terms and Conditions

Blue Planet Offices, Inc. in Key West, FL agrees to serve as your corporation or LLC's registered agent in the State of Florida for a period of one year for the fee payment of $49.95, effective the day payment is made.

By engaging Blue Planet Offices, Inc. as your Florida registered agent, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. Your service will automatically renew unless you notify Blue Planet that you have changed registered agents and that change of registration is evidenced on the website of the Florida Secretary of State.

2. Renewal payments are due ten days before the renewal date. Any payment more than 30 days after the renewal date is past due and subject to a late payment penalty of $10.00

3. If you do not remove Blue Planet as your registered agent (with the Florida Secretary of State) within thirty days of the expiration of your service (and non-payment), you will be considered in default and the full years payment of $49.95 is due, together with a late fee of $10.00.

4. If your account remains unpaid for more than 90 days, Blue Planet reserves the right to resign as your registered agent and you are responsible for the $87.50 fee to the Secretary of State, plus a processing charge of $100.00.

5. If it becomes necessary, Blue Planet will then serve your new registered agent or the Secretary of State a small claims civil action to recover these amounts. You will be obligated to hire an attorney in Florida or lose by default. A corporation or LLC in Florida must be represented by counsel. We will also recover attorney fees, which will be many times the judgment. Interest will apply to the judgment. We will then hire an attorney in your city to file the judgment in your circuit court and to execute it upon your assets. Please pay the registered agent fee in a timely manner or change registered agents before this becomes necessary.

6. Blue Planet Offices agrees to serve as your Registered Agent for service of process in the State of Florida. The $49.95 yearly payment does not include virtual office services or a general mailing address.

7. Customers agree that proper venue for civil actions to enforce this agreement is Monroe County, FL, County Court in Key West, FL.

8. The customer agrees that the customer in default is responsible for all attorney fees and costs of Blue Planet Offices, Inc. and Dan F. Schramm expended in the collection effort.

9. Blue Planet provides registered agent service for Legal Service of Process, meaning Summons and Complaints to commence a civil action. Blue Planet does NOT provide RA services for the service of subpeonas, requests for documents or discovery or other ongoing acceptance of legal process after a civil action has commenced.

10. Blue Planet clients are limited to service of process not to exceed one per calendar month. If your needs are greater than that, please use another registered agent. Service in excess of these terms requires a payment of $3.00 for each excessive service which must be received within 30 days of such service.

11. Blue Planet does not provide mail acceptance services. It is NOT the UPS Store. If a law firm or other entity needs to serve you anything by mail, they can mail it to you directly. We will not collect certified mail from the post office. If you need these types of services, please use another registered agent.

12. Blue Planet reserves the right to cancel any abusive account with 30 days notice.

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