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Helping a client form a corporation begins a relationship that will bring you increasingly profitable business.

Your law firm offers business related services. Incorporation, in and of itself, might not be particularly profitable. It is however critical to growing your business. This is how you begin a relationship with a business client. The client will return for many other services and a long-term and profitable relationship will develop.

These clients might well be already in Florida, or they might be in another state intending to expand or move to Florida. How do you reach them? The internet is a crowded place and the website of any one law firm is not likely to stand out. I am sure that your website stresses other aspects of your lines of service too. We can help you reach these possible clients for only $19.95 a year. Just one new business client will justify this small fee.

In addition to other law firms, you are also in competition with the dozens of companies on the internet offering incorporation services. They charge fees large and small that should be going to you, a member of the bar. As you well know, besides the individual forming the corporation, only an attorney admitted to the bar in Florida can form a business corporation, LLC, or non-profit for a third party.

FloridaCorporate.com is the only incorporation website that does not sell incorporation services. We provide unbiased information. You are welcome to write articles too. We warn visitors that is it illegal for non-attorneys to form a corporation in Florida for a third party. The purpose of FloridaCorporate.com is to send clients to you. We are not in competition with the legal profession, we are here to help you compete.

Much of our yearly fee is spent on promoting the site. See full information below on how the site is going to be promoted and the background of the business running it.

You can sign up online and pay with PayPal. We never get your credit card information. You do not need to have an account on PayPal, use any major credit card. You get your choice of three different categories of practice to be listed in. You can also select additional areas of practice and purchase a banner ad to make your listing really stand out.

You may also provide your listing information with the form on this site and mail a check or money order to our corporate offices.

Your firm can be listed under any one specialization. If you would like to be listed under multiple specializations, each is $19.95. Please sign up for each individually. If you have offices in different cities, each office can be listed at an additional charge of $19.95. Each listing is only $19.95 per year. Sign up for one now and add others at any time. This is a one-time payment, it does NOT automatically renew.

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