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mBeach Software, Inc.


Most of our clients at Blue Planet Offices, Inc. are respectable companies. We have one that requires a public warning, and that is a scam called Mbeach Software, Inc. or or Skin Cancer Scanning LTD in Israel.

Mbeach claims to be a Florida corporation but it has no presence in Florida. It is incorporated and signed up with us to serve as registered agent. It paid for a couple years of service but has not paid since 2012 despite repeated requests.

Mbeach is nothing but a penny stock scam. It was a reverse merger into a shell corp that was traded on the pink sheets. Its website has mis-spellings and the copyright date is 2010 and it is almost 2016 now. The Radio Shack type box shown on the website has never changed. They couldn't even manage to print a label or face plate for the box.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commisson suspended trading in their stock. The State of Florida wants several thousand dollars from them. I am amazzed they have not been sued yet.

Yosef Biderman What really gets me is that this con artist fraudster YOSEF MICHAEL BIDERMAN keeps getting promoted to me on Linked-In as someone I might know. He calls himself Yossi but in legal filings it is Yosef. Like I want to friend him or have anything to do with him. These stupid social business sites have no way to warn people that this guy is a complete con artist and scammer. I wonder what new scam he is running now.

I suppose when you are ripping off American stock owners, ripping off your own registered agent is par for the course. Scumbags, crooks, thieves, con artists all around.

Thank you for your interest.

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